Tuesday, August 09, 2005

End of days play Aug 9

Sitting at (yet another) Starbucks in West Hampstead. In half hour from now, I'll be on a treadmill at the gym, watching Man United play Debrecen while I trundle through 45 mins of sedate running. Treadmills are perfect examples of running to stand still, are they not? It would be so much easier if the reverse were possible. Weight loss, just by standing still. Now there's an invention for you. A free kit with every television.

Its hard not to like Starbucks. You may have a different coffee philosophy. I quite like the thick milky version. You may have a problem with the sterilization and all-encompassing franchising. I don’t, really. But how can you not like a coffee shop that lets you sit and work, provides a reliable fast wireless connection, is ubiquitious in most cities and plays music that could well have come from my hard drive! In how many public places would you hear Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Belle & Sebastian, Ray Charles, Van Morrison and Grateful Dead in a sequence!

Ah well, some parts of life work.


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