Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today is a strange day. The inevitable has happened... all along the police chiefs in London have been saying Terror in London is not an if but a when. On the good side there are already clear signs of the fact that people haven't panicked. Even locked in an underground train in the dark, with the carriage filling up with smoke, people had the presence of mind to try to crouch low in a packed train and to try to open the doors to walk to safety.

Out here in Barcelona its infuriating to have to watch CNN (the only English channel - no pun intended - at the hotel, on TV). All they seem to be interested in is the drama and the "story". You'd have thought with a large % of the city's population on the streets, unable to reach anywhere, and with communication systems failing to keep up with the load, the broadcast channels would try to restore a sense of calm and at the very least issue their own statements about some basic do's and don'ts... such as don't clog up the airwaves by talking on the phone unless you have to, or just stay where you are and get a message across to your loved ones... something of the nature... rather than keep looking for the grizzly stories, and the inane questions like "how important is the tube to london?" and "how busy does it get at office rush?"

Those who remember the Mumbai blasts, will remember also how the city was back to normal in 24 hours... lets hope London can display the same resilience - its the only way to handle the real threat of terror, which only seeks to displace and disrupt normal life.


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