Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sagrada Familia... the Cathedral

Whats common to broken bottles, lizards, turtles, multi-coloured fruits, stained glass and statues from war mythologies? Answer: they're all found in Gaudi's work on the Sagrada Familias. Started in 1820s and expected to be finished in 2030, based on detailed (almost anatomical) drawings by Gaudi and initial work done by him, the Cathedral is again an outstanding example of the daring and almost iconoclastic work done by Gaudi. The Parc Guell - his residence, and other buildings like the La Pedrera all point towards the man who in the field of Architecture can only be compared with Dali, Picasso, and indeed, the Sergeant Peppers album.

The only comparison I can draw is the Cathedral in Cologne, but perhaps a vision of how it might look if you were seeing it while on an acid trip. "Picture yourself in a church in a city, with lizards, and cherries, and looking glass tiles... " :-)


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