Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Wednesday July 27, Grey Days and New Ways

Famous english weather all outside. Its about as grey as it gets. Can be depressing. On the other hand...

  • Have installed a wireless network at home so can access the web from anywhere. This is cool. What this means is I can keep the news on and work from the living room or at night surf while I'm tucked in.
  • Regular and honest work at the gym has finally helped me get rid of the couple of kilos I put on in Barcelona and the easy living thereafter
  • No shortage of work to keep me occupied
  • Have also managed to figure out how to add pictures to the blog
  • The football season is nigh, pre-season games have begun. Active debates have broken out over my football fanatic friends discussion groups and the transfer season is reaching its climax
  • Despite the London bombings, so far, people have behaved admirably, sensibly and cohesively. The muslim community have declared a fatwa on the bombers, the public have voted in favour of a shoot-to-kill policy despite the tragedy of the Brazillian guy. And the police have done a dramatically good job so far in tracking down the miscreants and the network.

Grey is only a state of mind.


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