Saturday, August 05, 2006

July Thoughts.

  1. this was the hottest july in London since they started recording temperatures - average temp through the month was some 19 degrees with the hottest ever day temperature in England also being recorded at 36.5 centigrade. We sweltered, struggled and woke up soaked in our own sweat. Wishing we could run away to cooler places (like in India).
  2. Al Jarreau concert with the parents and Nanu was pretty good! Started with Fourplay. Al Jarreau turned out to be surprisingly entertaining. "If they were Fourplay, I guess that makes me the climax". His vocal rendition of Take 5 had me gasping.
  3. Work continued apace. I've taken to spending 2 hours reading every morning. It's like going back to school, except that i'm usually doing it tucked in bed with my laptop. Otherwise, working at home is proving to be in equal measure invigourating and enervating.
  4. Movies: Superman Returns was worth the watch. Preserved the mythic value of Superman, the original, the real thing. Maqbool, vaguely adapted from Macbeth was well acted with a stellar cast and well shot as well. It's a Bollywood mixes Macbeth and Godfather with a dash of Goodfellas. Clearly Bollywood has taken to both Shakespeare and Godfather in a big way. I also saw Sarkar recently, and thought as a remake/adaptation of Godfather it was quite good. The Mumbai-zation of the story was particularly good. "My Wife's Murder" - with Anil Kapoor had a good build up, but as a narrative it lacked a plot or a twist. As a personal portrayal, it lacked the close up of say "Leaving Las Vegas" and had too much story. Sort of fell between the stools. Tried to see the Hindi Othello remake but the theatre was shut due to a power outage. Sigh.
  5. Books: have just started Nick Mason's "Inside Out" - the autobiographical story around Pink Floyd and it promises to be brilliantly funny.
  6. Restaurants: Imli on Wardour Street had interesting and nicely themed Indian food. Went back to Busaba and wasn't disappointed. New Thai home delivery "Tip Top Thai" has been a welcome addition to Kovalam, who continue to impress with their consistency (Youssuf has shaved his moustache). Galangal, which I tried with Mathew and Gay was pretty good. Also went back to Ping Pong - had to wait almost 45 minutes to be seated.
  7. Sport: Tom Friedman should write a sequel - the World Cup is Flat. Though we still sat glued. And went from Sport overkill (World Cup, Wimbledon, Formula 1 and Test Cricket on the same day) to a complete vaccuum. (Ashley Cole's wedding as the main sports headline. And greedily devouring transfer goss).
  8. "My body is a temple" department: gymming has been off and on, and it's still showing. Though the new Swiss Cottage community centre promises to be an excellent alternative to the hugely expensive Esporta.


Blogger progga said...

"Babu" of chops in NY fame has shut down. Something to cry about. And I hear Omkara is even better than Maqbool.

5:47 pm  
Blogger Shefaly Yogendra said...

I think very few in India 'run away to cooler places', as you suggest, when the going gets very hot. Most switch on their coolers, their ceiling fans and when power fails, stick to faithful and environmentally-friendly hand-held fans made of palm leaves.. We drink raw-mango drinks which save us from heat-stroke, we wear cotton clothes which are well-ventilated, and in our houses, windows can always be opened with or without shades or shutters. During holidays, we could sleep in the afternoons, eat chilled watermelons and mangoes, and a night, sleep on the terrace under the stars..

9:22 am  

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