Thursday, April 27, 2006

April 27

Visited the Welwyn Garden City today. No it's not a quaint village by the sea in Wales. It's a half hour train ride from Moorgate. Created by Ebenezer Howard and visibly the intellectual ancestor of Milton Keynes, it's most disturbing feature is the mall centric lifestyle it seems to propagate. Nonetheless, it was nice to see a mall where the bookshop wasn't Borders, the Coffee Shop wasn't Starbucks and the Music Store wasn't HMV. (all favourites of mine, mind you!) Of course some of the usual suspects were there (Clarks, JJB, WHSmith, Boots et al).


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Blogger steelyman said...

Apart from the informed comment that your friend philjones5071431799 has made on the subject (clearly phil phils you didn't spend enough time at Presi), I must add that I find Welwyn Garden City somewhat strange. It is beautiful, well-planned and very much a garden city, but the centre of the town does seem to revolve around the mall and the massive John Lewis and I believe it is quite unaffordable. An ex-colleague stays in Stevenage and she says WGC is almost as expensive as London!

3:53 pm  

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