Sunday, November 19, 2006

Borat, CNN, Junk food ads and bed scenes

I saw the Borat movie. It was hilarious...




Ok, some parts of it were very funny. Some parts of it were old gags which were vaguely amusing. But a large part of the movie was crass and cringeworthy and my primary emotion through much of the running time was one of embarrassment. The kind you experience when you see something you shouldn't be seeing, with people who you shouldn't be seeing these things with.

On another note, I've been watching CNN news of late and I'm suddenly aware that there are subtle changes in their coverage. They actually pronounce Pakistan as "paak-e-staan" and not the american "Pack-e-stan". They even had a program on Khadims the shoe company headquartered in Kolkata and they actually prounounced correctly the word "borobabu" (as Roy Burman the head of the business is called within the company).

Today, the news is that Ofcom has banned junk food ads on childrens channels. You have to agree that this is a draconian move as some of the newspapers have termed it. Is shutting off information and communication the right answer to anything in today's world? Would we next stop showing financial ads to prevent people from borrowing too much? Yes I know I'm stretching the point. But keeping in mind the need to curb the influence of the offending ads, in my humble opinion, it's yet another scenario where parents are abdicating responsibility and pointing fingers at other sources. There are always reasons why children may get tempted. We've recently seen footage on TV of parents ignoring the school drive for healthy eating and feeding their kids chips and snacks through the school gates. At the end of the day if we don't take responsibility for the outcomes of our own actions, nobody else will.

As I said before, my mornings start reading in bed for an hour or two. Some days, I go straight through to lunch in this position - when work essentially involves reading, reviewing, writing, mailing and calling people. Needless to say, K is jealous of this state of affairs. Having the Camden Arts Centre next door is also pretty handy as its a quick option for a coffee and seeing actual people.

Current reading includes Ogden Nash, Alex Fergusson's Autobiography and Nick Mason's Inside Out - the story of Pink Floyd.


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