Saturday, August 12, 2006

Weekend Reading

Catching up on the mountains of newspapers and magazines lying around... here are some of the ones that caught the mind, and where I was able to find the online versions.,,2092-2300407.html - scary story of a stalker. What would yu do?,,2092-2300320.html workspace bullying. Over compensated or under represented?,,2095-2300301.html Felix Dennis' advice on Entrepreneurship.,,2087-2300521.html Just so you know that there is such an organization as "The Noise Abatement Society" and some of their findings about noise levels going up.,,2087-2300574,00.html - what one of the 9/11 plotters was doing in the British library for 5 years. Also, how easy it is for somebody to enter the UK completely helpless and get a flat and a study grant. Also, a reminder of what it's like in a society where the difference between doing well and doing badly is on the decline.


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