Monday, July 03, 2006

Lazy Sunday Barbecue

Sunday laze and barbecues with family and friends. In the current edition of Timeout London, a minicab driver is quoted as saying "the best present you can give your children are happy memories" I think that's quite profound. And not just your children, it extends to your parents, siblings, spouses and friends.

And so we were there under the green umbrella looking up at the bits of sky and enjoying the mild play of sun and shade. The tree spread itself over the clearing and reached out over the Leg of Mutton Pond, in the Hampstead Heath and as we barbecued and picnicked, labradors, spaniels, boxers, and all other manners of dogs and owners walked by us.

And as we sat there, talking about branches and roots, of soil and substance, the picnic blanket opened up and invited us to expand ourselves over it. The barbecue sent smoke signals through the leaves to entice the happy moments from far and wide to come visiting.

Back in harmony with nature we spanned generations and let the summer day sift through our senses. The conversation flowed "like honey... " and the afternoon passed languidly yet very quickly.

Parents are like trees that provide you all the shade you need as long as you need it. Allowing just the right amounts of sun, the rain and the air to let you grow and become trees just like them. Our parents are very green, taller than they appear and with an admirable shelter-span. The best gift they gave me are firm roots, I guess. But i digress, it must be the wine that loosened my tongue. It was Argentinian. So Joe said.

Piu and Joydeep were househunting. London, Leicester and long journeys in between. If you enjoy a journey, it always becomes shorter.

K was calling Papu to wish him a happy birthday. Parents should have birthday parties with many candles and friends too.

Progga sat on the log and wondered about her blackberry and was in constant commune with all the dogs that went by. My oldest memory of progga includes her befriending the most vicious looking dogs wherever we went on holiday. New Jersey was on her mind, I'm sure. But everybody has their dark moments :)

The trees were a happy green.

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